The SideSlider adds additional space for content outside of the main template area.

There are several options available for configuring the SideSlider feature, such as the toggle or whether it is fixed or slides into view.

The position is perfect for extra content or even full length advertisements.


Choose between two menu options: Dropdown Menu or Splitmenu; each with mobile support.

Dropdown Menu is a CSS based dropdown menu with advanced features such as multiple columns and inline module positions.

Splitmenu is a static menu choice with parent items in the header and children in the sidebar.


A powerful, multi-platform, core template framework, which is free and licensed under GPL.

One of Gantry's most notable feature is its custom user interface which provides an intuitive and user friendly configuration console.

A standardized set of features and capabilities are powered by Gantry.


RokSprocket is a powerful and flexible content switchblade extension

The extensions benefits from multiple layouts and numerous themes for most layouts, offering a wide assortment of possible content configurations.

A responsive layout that adapts to varying devices such as smartphones

The layout adapts automatically to the viewing device, such as tablet, without the need for separate templates, to maximise cross-platform compatibility.

Quickly and easily adjust the template color scheme with Gantry

The intuitive administrator provides a rich interface for swiftly adjusting various colors, backgrounds and overlays of the various template elements.

What is reshapeATLANTIC?

reshapeATLANTIC is the home for the Centre for New Congregations for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. We hope that this site can be a “one stop shop” for most of your questions about what Atlantic Baptists are up to in our region.

As a denomination one of our 2025 goals is to establish 65 new congregations by that year. We believe that can happen! Through new church plants and multi-sites, replants of existing congregations, as well as fresh, creative expressions of church for a new day, we believe that that neighborhoods can be impacted and renewed through healthy churches joining God on His mission in their neighborhood.

Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (formerly Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches) are a family of 450 churches across our region. If you are interested in learning more about our family and reading further of our 2025 goals this link will take you to our CBAC website.

Kevin Vincent is the Director for the Centre for New Congregations.