Pastors and Leaders

Where do you begin?

For years the North American church thought of “mission” they simply meant overseas. Let’s pick a country, support a missionary or two and be involved in mission. Check. Matthew 28 accomplished.

But the landscape has changed. While overseas mission must remain a part of the local church’s mandate, local mission must be filtered through a new cultural reality. Everything has changed. .

Local churches must view themselves as being on mission, missionaries in their own neighbourhood. Pastors and leaders must understand the new cultural language, be versed in the mores’ of the neighbourhood and uncover the needs that must be addressed to serve people, if they hope to earn a hearing and be given an opportunity to share the truth of Christ.

It’s an exciting day to lead. The opportunities are endless for those leaders willing to re-define themselves as missionary pastors and leaders in their neighbourhood.

If you are THAT TYPE of leader; if you have a dream for a new kind of church, in a new day, in a new neighbourhood; if you have a neighbourhood or community in mind or simply have a passion and are looking for a place to express your missional heart as a modern day missionary to a neighbourhood ... do two things:

1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Lets chat. Coffee’s on me.

2. Dig a bit deeper on this site. Hopefully some of your questions can be answered and dreams fostered!